BT2 Lore topical priorities

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BT2 Lore topical priorities

Post by thebruce » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:31 am

With BT2 on the horizon, I'd like to try to get some written content for some of the main lore elements, like the towns and main characters. I've yet to add the written map content that makes reference to them, but the nice thing is once writeups get added and potential lore items linked, the spidering out and interconnecting of topics really becomes apparent. Good starting points are the clue book and story summaries.

* = I'd rate of higher importance


* Colosse
* Corinth
* Ephesus
* Philippi
* Thessalonica
* Tangramayne
* Six cities of the plains (more a generic grouping term for these towns in the wilderness)
Dargoth's Tower
Dark Domain
Fanskar's Castle
Grey Crypt
Maze of Dread
Oscon's Fortress
* Snare of Death (generic)


* Destiny Knight
* Lagoth Zanta (this is a biggy)
* The Sage (not so spoilery)
Zen Master


* Destiny Stone
* Destiny Wand
Sword of Zar
* Dreamspell
* Batchspell
* The Brothers Kringle

My typical writeup strategy is this:
1. View the lore search results, links and pages
2. View the google results for other references not in the parseable archives
3. Jot down any relevant notes, and sort them out
4. Write up a compiled description, linking additional lore and web pages
5. Note any images that might work nicely in the flow
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