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Magic Mouth of Lore initiative! - Read First

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:09 pm
by thebruce
Hello everyone,
This is a brief introductory post to help you understand what's going on with this whole "Lore" thing.

As we know the Bard's Tale universe has so many bits and pieces, breadcrumbs that came from, well, nowhere really - just there for stuff to absorb as we dungeon crawl, solve puzzles and riddles, and try to get immersed in this storyworld that's rife with potential. Now, whether all that stuff should be fleshed out or not, YMMV.

But, the Magic Mouth of Lore is here to help find any existing connections (not create new ones).

As you'll note, when searching for any topic, it combs through all the web data for references. But the first thing the Mouth does is provide any explicitly provided description - an intentional record of compiled knowledge. Basically, a wiki-like page. But without the wiki. heh


There is a whole lot of lore in the BT universe! And the Mouth is only so fast...
This forum is officially to help nudge it along in collecting and parsing knowledge.

Or in other words: Let's write up content for the lore topics and help to bring the BT storyworld together.

We have 3 games in the trilogy, and now Bard's Tale 4, which - love it or hate it - is part of the BT world and will undoubtedly be making reference to a lot of stuff we know. So in one way, this will help us and everyone keep things in sync, plus I think it'll helkp bring the world a bit more alive.

Forum Rules

Well, only one really. Let's keep each topic to one thread! As we discover new connections, or someone has some better wording, post it, and I can adjust the lore content.

Let's see how this works out! :)

Here's where to get started:
Or, on the cover pages for each game, you'll note various topics already linked to their lore pages, many of which already having writeups, some still sorely lacking or empty.

Have at it!

Re: Magic Mouth of Lore initiative! - Read First

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:28 pm
by thebruce
I will shortly be adding a reference page to list off existing Lore entries that I've marked as incomplete - content in the process of being compiled and written. That'll be a good starting point for anyone who's able to offer some literary wisdom!